Hoash el etem

The adaptation of Hosh el Etem into a guesthouse affiliated to Birzeit University is a tactical move on behalf of Riwaq and Birzeit Municipality, as part of our overall strategic goal of rehabilitating the Birzeit historic centre. One specific aim here is to incite the University to house its activities within the historic town of Birzeit. The University will inevitably play a key role within any revitalization and rehabilitation process. Moreover, converting buildings into public realms, or private businesses, will attract clients who will experience the historic centre for the first time. This, in turn, can trigger rehabilitation dynamics in locales elsewhere.
Rehabilitating a guesthouse that, in 2009, was still a mere rubbish dump, has a dramatic impact on citizens and officials who simply cannot imagine the possibilities of these structures as spaces for social change. “Learning by doing” was and still is Riwaq’s approach to community involvement.