Deir Ghassaneh Women’s Center

Deir Ghassaneh Women’s Center In the Shu’aibi neighborhood, Riwaq worked with the local women’s association and neighboring families. The abandoned historic building of Nada al Shu’aibi was transformed into a workspace for the association, and adapted to house a new kitchen, a herb garden, a space for training women in the areas of illiteracy, computer skills, embroidery and sewing, as well as a space to receive visitors.
Pavements, patterns, greenery, benches and pergolas were designed to make the spaces more user-friendly and accessible. The Nada al Shu’aibi courtyard adaptation also tested Green initiatives such as water recycling and the reuse of grey water, refined by plants and gravel, and used to water the garden. The houses surrounding the building were also refurbished from the outside, and their entrances upgraded. Families now enjoy safe outdoor spaces alongside the necessary privacy for their daily activities.