Beit Il Sa’

Beit Il Sa’ Riwaq and the Ramallah Municipality jointly proposed the renovation of this architecturally significant building, situated at the heart of the historic center of Ramallah, to be reused by the municipality as part of the upcoming “cultural zone” facilities. The objective is to engage local professionals and artisans in applying the local traditional arts of restoration through in-situ training. This capacity-building effort will equip participants for future employment, and increase heritage awareness, while filling one of Ramallah’s cultural voids.
The building is considered a landmark because of its location and architectural significance.  An exemplary building in the late Ottoman period style of urban housing, Beit Il Sa’ is characterized by a “Liwan” – a central hall – at the heart of the design. The Liwan typology is linked to middle-class urban homes emerging at the time. It’s worth mentioning that the Sa’ families of Ramallah were among the famous masons & builders of the early 20th century. Their expertise explains this early Liwan edifice, in an area largely known for peasant architecture, and the remarkably early departure from 3-split level architecture within a cube structure, hosting different activities on different levels.