Thanks to its affiliation with the Riwaq Center and its two-year time span, RB5 will partake in the revitalization of a select number of historic venues across Palestine. These will be the settings for RB5 activities, and will later accommodate activities far beyond the Biennale. RB5 will be renovating, redesigning and reassessing these spaces carefully as it goes along, in collaboration with architects, students, and commissioned artists such as Can Altay and Phil Collins (among others). Hoash al-Etem in Birzeit, for example, will serve as housing for various Biennale participants, Deir Ghassaneh as a venue for 50+ programming, while Beit Assa’ in downtown Ramallah will function as a project space. Project spaces are still missing in Ramallah, a town with its fair share of museum projects, galleries and art schooling, but lacking in a venue for artistic trials and errors and conversation, with a smell of mujadara in the air and espresso stains on the floor. Beit Assa’ will house a string of minor and major events over time, sometimes offering the solemnity of a classroom, sometimes pulsing with the intensity of a small casino.