A series of informal conversations, some public, some private, all meticulously documented, with the aim of assembling a concise history of cultural production in and around Ramallah since the 1990s. The nineties mark a conspicuous generational shift among cultural producers and the institutions they created. A surprising number of shared ideological, professional, even architectural parameters emerge, most of them underexamined. These commonalities seem to exist far beyond Ramallah – in Jerusalem, Beirut, Amman, Sharjah, Cairo and Istanbul alike. What were the key decisions leading to these common grounds, and vice versa? What are the “What If” scenarios here? With luck, an archive of amnesia will gradually emerge. Our interlocutors thus far: Adela Aidi, Nabil Anani,  Rema Hamami, Jamil Hilal, Sandi Hilal, Suleiman Mansour, Alessandro Petti, Alia Rayyan, Rawan Sharaf, Tina Sherwell, Vera Tamari, Lisa Taraki and Inas Yassin.