By becoming Riwaq’s member, you are joining a group of committed individuals who support the preservation and sustainability of cultural heritage in Palestine, bringing life back to our historic centers, and providing infrastructure for social and economic development.

As a member, you will enjoy exclusive village-based events and activities including collective cooking events with village residents, insightful presentations on restoration and conservation, and other special benefits. The membership brings together a network of enthusiasts and activists from across Palestine and around the world.

  • Seasonal e-newsletter.
  • Riwaq’s agenda and a digital copy of the annual report.
  • Digital access to 1 publication from Riwaq's library.
  • Updates on events and activities with an invitation to one trip/ tour organized by Riwaq physically and virtually.
  • Digital membership card of recognition.
  • Include names of members on Riwaq's membership webpage.
  • All benefits in Agate membership, plus;
  • Digital access to 2 publications from Riwaq's library.
  • Exclusive discounts to products and events tickets.
  • Invitation to two day trips/ tours physically and virtually.




  • All benefits in Fairouz membership, plus;
  • Digital access to 3 publications from Riwaq's library.
  • Special invitation to main events and activities hosted by Riwaq and other partners.



  • All benefits in Emerald membership, plus;
  • Annual digital access to all of Riwaq’s publications.
  • Special invitations to Riwaq’s garden events and others.