Adh Dhahiriya

Snowballing Regeneration


A local initiative comprised of municipal employees was formed.


The first project (al Tall family courtyards, known as al Khokha) was inaugurated.


Two complexes, which belong to al Tall family, surrounding al Khokha from the north and west were restored.


A series of buildings owned by al Rabba’ family, were restored along with their adjoining plazas and streets.


The rest of al Tall courtyards (west), the open spaces and the Roman Fort, locally known as al Hisin were restored.


These restoration projects in Adh Dhahiriya town formed the basis for a more comprehensive regeneration project that officially started in 2010. By then, more than fifty rooms had been restored with adjoining plazas and alleys, making up a lively island in the “dead heart of the town.” In 2010, Riwaq shifted its approach towards looking deeper at restoration as an activity aimed at attracting people to return and live in the historic center and use it as a hub for their commercial and cultural activities.