Southern Trail

An alternative tourist trail


The development of the southern trail by RIWAQ is part of its 50 village project, including Bani Nu'im, Yatta, Samou', and Dhaheriyeh, which are located along the trail. Tourism can serve as a tool for regeneration that creates job opportunities and expands the incomes of local residents in the targeted areas. Passing through a diverse landscape of hills, valleys, and plains, tourists will have the opportunity to see a number of archaeological and scenic locations in the southern region of the West Bank.  They will also pass through population centers in hamlets and towns, with stops in the centers of old towns to enrich the tourism experience.


The trail is about 67 km in length and is divided into three days, during which 17 main locations are explored. These locations are Maqam Yaqin in Bani Nu'im (1), Aristobuliya (14), the Roman pool in al-Carmel (28), al-Carmel (29), Kherbat Twani (30), the old city of Yatta (31), Kherbat Majdal Baa' (40), Samou' (44), Kherbat Es Simia (55), Kherbat Rabud (56), Dhaheriyeh (the fort, the mosque, the caves, the market, the Qaysariya) (68), Kherbat Innab al-Kabeerah  (74), Rujum Jareeda  (79), al-Burj (84), Bait Ali Salameh (86), and the Qubur Kesra (Kesra tombs).


Southern Trail Map