Photography Archive

At least one picture of each registered building was taken. Cameras were given to students and researchers. The pictures were entered in the information program, and each was given the same number as the building, so that the building picture could be linked to the information about it in the questionnaire. Thus, the same database has a picture of the building and the information about it. However, in some centers buildings were not photographed, especially those surveyed in the Cultural Resources Project, because of restricted access to villages and towns. Those who update this information in the future should keep this limitation in mind.

The archive of Riwaq’s Historic Building Registry at has more than 45,000 pictures. These pictures are good for archiving only, because they are not high-quality photographs for publication. Most of the images were taken by students, not professional photographers. The pictures that are published in this Registry were selected from among the 21,000 pictures in Riwaq’s picture archives, most of which were taken by professional photographers. The pictures have been archived since 1991; they have been computerized and categorized within a special photo program.