Searching for Spaces of Possibilities

Stemming from the need for an alternative discourse that can nourish the Palestinian spaces of imagination, one needs to look beyond the conventional in order to cultivate change. It is our larger aim to foster re-reading, or re-drawing the land from a new perspective, by stripping it of the dominant boundaries of power and exposing its hidden yet dynamic topography.


‘Searching for Spaces of Possibilities’ reflects a process of working, thinking, and making that has transpired while bringing life back to Palestine’s historic centers. Through this process,  we have engaged in conceptual discussions with one another and the community by using different media like drawings, maps, and images to hint at spatial possibilities; these offer a critical view and leave a space to both imagine and question. These spatial possibilities hope to offer a new dimension to the historic centers by relating them to the wider urban context. It is a way for finding new means to break the isolation of Palestinians—not only in terms of a physical space, but also within the larger space of imagination. The new layers being created—what we call ‘imagined moments of possibilities’—ought to be seen as the matrixes and networks that can begin to stitch together the fragmented spaces. We therefore, regard the ‘process’ itself, which involved finding, mapping, re-drawing and re-presenting, as a fundamental part of creative thinking and spatial engagement, which is, above all, what we want to share with you.


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