The Jerusalem Life Jacket

Alقُuds, the holiest city of them all, the fairest of them all, needs our attention and care. Waqfiyyet alقُuds focuses on Jerusalem villages and towns that are being suffocated by settlements, bypass roads and high unemployment rates. More than any other locations in Palestine, Jerusalem and its hinterland have felt the effects of the construction of the Separation Wall, the confiscation of land, the uprooting of olive trees, and restrictions on work and mobility.

Riwaq has devoted special attention to the needs of these communities by working in 10 of the villages and towns located within Jerusalem Governorate. These villages include: Beit Ijza, Beit Iksa, Al Jib, Qalandiya, Kafr Aqab, Jaba, Hizma, Anata, Abu Deis and Shufat.

Work in these villages entailed the restoration of a number of historic buildings for use as community centers, providing training and jobs for the unemployed, upgrading infrastructure, and raising awareness about the needs of these towns and villages. In the coming years, Riwaq intends to expand its work into 10 more towns and villages.

Waqfiyyet alقُuds —The Jerusalem Life Jacket Fund—with a capital of USD one million dollars will generate an annual income of USD 50,000. This will enable Riwaq to focus on one village each year with a program to consolidate heritage, create community spaces, and generate more than 1,000 days of work annually, providing workers with skills and knowledge that will help them to find jobs in the emerging field of restoration.