Founder’s Endowment

Today, I have yet a  big dream: To achieve a sustainable Riwaq and by extension, sustainable cultural heritage in Palestine. Considering Riwaq’s long history of financial security and stability, this dream is attainable.  Thanks to the hard work of a dedicated team, financial transparency, and the establishment of solid, long-term relationships with partners, Riwaq has earned credibility within the local community and with funders. Despite scarce financial resources, political challenges, and instability in Occupied Palestine, Riwaq has always maintained its financial stability and sustainability.

We are proud to say that there has not been a single moment in Riwaq’s long history since 1991 that there has been a threat due to lack of funding, even when key donors altered their funding policies in Palestine. Riwaq has always succeeded in adopting the measures necessary to minimize the effects of any disruptions. This financial stability and transparency not only give Riwaq’s employees a strong sense of belonging but has also cemented the confidence of Riwaq’s funders and individual contributors.

Riwaq’s strong financial record since its establishment in 1991 encouraged me to make Riwaq a beneficiary in my will. In reciprocity, Riwaq established the Riwaq Founder’s Endowment: a clever strategy that puts me on the frontline of building the Founder’s Endowment to a total of $3.5 million. I am seeking your personal contribution to make this dream a reality.


Suad Amiry

Founder, Riwaq