With the goal of building capacities, reviving traditional crafts and techniques, and supporting a community of knowledge that joins professionals and practitioners in traditional building techniques and crafts, RIWAQ organizes several training workshops as follows:


·        A crash course in the techniques of restoration for lime mortar, lime stone and structural consolidation of traditional buildings;

·        On-site training for workers on specific crafts, including pointing, plastering, insulation, tiling, iron works, and joinery restoration;

·       In cooperation with IPW (Institution of Walloon Heritage), RIWAQ offers special courses through on site practicum for professionals, centered on a rotating set of specific crafts and techniques.





RIWAQ trains and hosts students from Palestinian and international universities during the summer. Interns receive practical experience in different fields of architectural conservation varying from surveying historic buildings, design projects, map production, and development plans for historic centers. 


The application process is competitive and RIWAQ accepts only four applicants per year. Please note that RIWAQ is not responsible for visa entry, and does not cover travel to Palestine.


The application can be downloaded below. Please complete and send via email to