In the Village

RIWAQ designs and facilitates cultural, educational, and community-based activities in each of its respective sites. Our activities are designed to foster participation and engagement of local communities in the rehabilitation projects taking place in their town, and are committed to raising awareness of the power of cultural heritage and its ability to bring people closer together.


Our activities are diverse and target different groups. We work with school children on writing and illustration in partnership with the Palestine Writing Workshop; we facilitate concerts with al Kamandjati; we organize hikes and environmental exploration activities with ARSEYA; we organize voluntary clean up and tree-planting days; we host trainings and capacity building activities for women and local residents; and participate in a broad range of social and cultural festivals and events.


RIWAQ does not produce cultural activities, but rather facilitates the creation of an infrastructure for programs to take place. We believe that given the tools and space, each community has the innate potential to shape and create its own cultural manifestations.